Royal Crest runs a world class education programme.

We put great emphasis on allowing young children to explore and use their natural curiosity. We help them to make meaningful connections between their surroundings and their experiences. We develop their imaginations and through the richness of their many  languages, develop a common language, English, in readiness for joining our main school learning community.

Our foundation classes benefits from having secure outdoor play and activity areas. Children spend at least one hour each day outside in the play areas around the school. Qualified, specialist staff deliver an outdoor education programme.

Playgroup class Teachers and assistants ensure that all children become happy and engaged learners, who are keen to come to school and able to interact with their friends and teachers.

Playgroup concentrates on social development – becoming independent of parents while at school and learning how to share and play alongside others.

Reception pupils continues to develop independence skills. Children are encouraged to manage their own clothes, food and play. Activities are taught through themes and the sounds of the alphabet are introduced. Children learn number symbols and practise many simple, practical number activities. Reception class offers an exciting daily outdoor programme, led by our specialist outdoor education teacher.

At the conclusion of Reception class, students move into the Main School Nursery Class for their final year of the Early Years Foundation Stage. Here, students will prepare for the first year of primary education.

The Reception programme builds upon the Pre-School areas of development. Learning through play and outdoor activities remain a high priority. Dedicated literacy and numeracy lessons are introduced and other fundamental skills necessary for future learning are promoted. This year is designed to establish firm foundations for future study.

Please visit our Lower Primary page for more details about Reception Class.